We will guide you to overcome your speech fright

A lot of people think that giving a speech is a nightmare. Sleepless nights, stomachache or palpitations. We have good news. You can overcome your fear. After an intense and personal training they were able to give their speech as relaxed as possible.

Together with our American colleagues we have developed scientific and proven methods that will guarantee success. During the training we work with the book called ‘needless to say’ that was published in 2004.

The degree of your speech fright can be determined by a simple test. During the training we search for the source of your speech fright and we can help you overcome these fears. Our intense and personal guidance will deliver a surprising result: you will be able to tell your story with joy.


The Leadership Circle ©

The Leadership Circle © measures your current leadership competencies on 41 aspects. We combine the observations and experiences of at least 15 respondents (e.g. executives, team members and customers) which creates a so-called 360° inventory.

This way you can determine objectively how you position yourself in relation to third parties and vice versa. The Leadership Circle Manager Edition © accurately tests management aspects and shows how you are perceived by others.

Achieving Style Inventory ©

For a unique overview and analysis of your behavioral styles we use the assessments of The Connective LeadershipInstitute. The ASI: Achieving Style Inventory © visualizes your preference to connect with others. It indicates your current behavior: where attention should be paid in the event of changes and which skills are required. The A-ASI: Aspirational Achieving Style Inventory © measures your desired behavior. Together with the ASI, the desired adjustments will become crystal clear.

Communication Style Survey ©

This assessment determines your preference in communication styles under normal circumstances and under pressure. How can differences in your style be explained in a different context? With these insights, it becomes clear that you should constantly tune in to the style of others. To connect, you must be able to recognize the style of others and go along with this style while maintaining your authenticity.

Follower style Inventory©

With the inventory of the Courageous Follower two major factors will be described the degree of energetic and loyal support a follower gives a leader, and how willing the follower is to challenge a leader’s policies or behaviors if they seem detrimental to the success of the organization’s mission or values. These are the primary characteristics needed for collaboration. The assessment contains two kinds of questions. The first are “Would” questions: If you were confronted with a certain situation what do you think you would do. Answer these based on an honest assessment of yourself and your likely behavior in a given situation. The second are “When” questions: When you are confronted with a certain situation what in fact do you actually do.

Thomas Killman Survey

The Thomas Killman Survey ™ explores your conflict resolution preferences. Which approach do you prefer and which do you consciously or unconsciously leave behind? Here we explain the basics for a strategy you can choose to achieve your goal. Which approach delivers the desired result? How can you escalate a situation safely?


Immunity to Change

The Harvard method “Immunity to Change” (Lisa Lahey and Robert Kegan), gives you insights into hidden blockages that present highly desirable behaviour. It teaches you to preserve existing core values ​​and to dare to explore unconscious assumptions and replace them with new experiences. Step by step this method takes you through a process that provides insight into your personal invisible immunity. You will work on a personal plan to bypass blockages in a targeted manner with an adjustment or change.

Invisible Leadership

Gill Hickman and Georgia Sorenson started in 2004 a worldwide study: Invisible Leadership. They demonstrate that invisible leadership leads to better and more sustainable results. The core of their findings: this way of working has helped many teams to achieve a goal rapidly and in a targeted manner without direct leadership. The bottom line is that the charisma of a common purpose is more effective and durable than a person’s charisma.

 Immunity to Trust

How do you build a trusted relationship? The insight exceptional provides clarity and has practical solutions to gain mutual trust. This interactive program specifies how to set up a sustainable relationship. It shows how you can make targeted and successful adjustments in order to achieve a trusted personal and business relationship.

 Courageous Followership: what is desirable behavior of employees?

“Kein Mensch hat das Recht zu gehorchen,” wrote Hannah Arendt, philosopher and political thinker. How do followers get the best of their leader? Ira Chaleff explores the active and loyal support that an employee gives a leader. How willing is the follower to discuss a leader’s policies or behavior when it is detrimental to the success of the organization’s mission or values? With practical exercises, the participants learn their styles and abilities to assist their leader in a better way in achieving their common goal.